We take the "Joy" out of "Joyride" by removing the ability for any unauthorized use of vehicles and equipment - even if the key is in the ignition and the vehicle is running.

Our patented design can be customized to support any vehicle and its server based analytics are ideal for any company that needs to ensure only authorized users can move their vehicles.

The VIS T2000 is the only system of its kind utilizing a fully integrated server based on-board system that interacts directly with your transmission to prevent unauthorized vehicle use.

The VIS T2000 can be programmed to bring the vehicle to a controlled stop without human intervention in the event that a driver is forcibly removed.

This ultimate life safety device not only offers a layer of security never before offered, but also opens the doors to so many more functions including:

  • Complete GPS and GSM integration to monitor and track vehicles real time.
  • Complete GPS and GSM integration to monitor and track vehicles real time.
  • The ability to expand to include our complete mobile video management system.
  • Integration with your current card or fob access system.
  • On-The-Fly Driver updates to ensure your access is always secure.
  • Scheduling when specific users can operate specific vehicles.
  • Allowing multiple users to access multiple vehicles.

About the Vehicle Interlock System
(VIS T2000)

True Multi-Tasking

As well as running our video management system, the VIS T2000 will also operate and manage our vehicle interlock system. The vehicle interlock system stops the vehicle from being moved by unauthorized persons. By incorporating our modified access control system, only authorized personnel are able to operate the protected vehicle.

The VIS T2000 Advantage

  • The VIS T2000 will utilize any access card or fobs that are presently being used within your organization.
  • The VIS T2000 will also accommodate GPS overlay on the video, and in most cases any additional engine, braking and speed data can be overlayed.
  • The VIS T2000 is compatible with GSM radio technology which allows for live video streaming as well as sending data updates to equipped vehicles in the field.
  • The VIS T2000 can also be configured to initiate a remote controlled immobilization command to stop a vehicle.
  • We realize space is at a premium inside the vehicle; the VIS T2000 utilizes a very small footprint.
  • Because we are a server based system we can expand and change as your operations continue to grow and evolve.

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